Social and economic problems of Siberia and the Far East are analyzed in the report. Global trends, as external conditions for macro-regional development, place of Siberia in Russian economic and social area, its resource potential and problems of involvement into economic development of the country are considered.

The future of Siberia and the Far East is presented as the number of scenarios. Conditions, content peculiarities and quantitative characteristics of scenarios are shown. Perspective of the formation of urbanized areas in South Siberia and the Far East is discussed, and quantitative assessment of potential population size and GRP of these urbanized areas in 2030 and 2050 perspective is given in the report. The most important factors for macro-regional development are considered: transit capacity and transport frame formation, perspectives for oil and gas complex, agro-industrial complex, aqua territorial production complexes of the Arctic.

The number of “development imperatives” is offered for Siberia and the Far East. The report is intended for experts in the sphere of state management and regional development, staff of higher educational institutions, post graduate students and students of economic and social departments.

Siberia and the Far East in XXI Century: Problems and Perspectives of Development: Analytical Report / Science editor
Valeriy Efimov – Krasnoyarsk, SIBFU, 2017 Красноярск : Сиб. федер. ун-т, 2017.